Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Extreme Holiday Ideas
Are you sick of seeing the same holiday crap everywhere you go?  The same inflatable Santa on every block, the same lights, the same music, the same, same, same.  I am tired of it too.  That is why I am creating this website and why you are going to help me.  

Let's do something together.  Let's come up with some new holiday ideas.  Start some new traditions, design some new and unusual stuff and add our own flavor to the holidays.  I will start the process, but I'm going to need your help.  I am only one guy and against us is a sea of people that happily keep that status-quo going.    

ExtremeHolidayIdeas.com will be the place that revolutionaries visit to make things better.  Together we'll develop new holiday projects and ideas.  We can make things better and more exciting. 

Let's celebrate together.  There is much to rejoice about.