Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Extreme Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin pie is one of the best things about Thanksgiving.  Here is a way to make the ultimate pumpkin pie.  I call it Extreme Pumpkin Pie.

This is what it looks like.  I know what you are thinking, that doesn't look like much.  In fact, it looks like a damned cake.  Well, chill out you impatient bastard, you are about to see what all the fuss is about.  

First, let's go back to the beginning.  Here is the sketch from my sketchbook.  The general concept is to take a couple or three pumpkin pies, cut them into cylinders and then stack them like a layer cake.  Frost the whole thing with whipped cream.  Because, the only thing better than pumpkin pie is three layers of pumpkin pie!  That is EXTREME!

Here is what you will need to make this concoction.  It is actually really easy, especially since I don't bake the pies.  I let the supermarket do it.  

Got it?  Three pumpkin pies, the spring-form pan wasn't actually needed, whipping cream (vanilla and sugar too) and Pirouline cookies.  I'll explain what they are for in a minute.  Here is what is next.

I've cut the outer crust off of each pie, into each pie I inserted 4 pieces of Pirouline cookies.  I cut the cookies so that they were only as long as the thickness of one pie.  Then, when I stacked the pies the Pirouline cookies acted like columns in a building.  This kept the pumpkin pies from squashing each other (oh snap!  bad pun!).  You could substitute twix bars or pretzel rods or whatever.  I know my wife likes these things, so I bought 'em.  I plopped this layered wonder into the fridge for a little while so that I had time to make whipped cream.  

After I made the whipped cream, I frosted the tower of pies with it.  I garnished the whole thing with cranberries because I thought they might look seasonal and eventually I will have to sell some books with this project, so I wanted the extreme pumpkin pie to look good.  Here is the final product.  

You know I like the final product when I watermark the picture.  Extreme Pumpkin Pie is great.  It's like eating three slices of pie but you only have to ask for one slice.  

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  When all of the festivities are over, I hope you will shop at one of my web stores, like RomanticGifts.com.  

Thanks for reading.